Image Source: Shenton Safaris, Zambia Tourism Agency


South Luangwa National Park is the second largest of the 19 national parks in Zambia, covering an area of approximately 9,050 Km2 in extent and is one of the best known tourist destinations in Africa because of its abundant wildlife and exceptional scenic beauty and wilderness nature. The park is situated more than 700 Km from Lusaka via Chipata in Eastern province of Zambia. It is surrounded by five Game Management Areas (GMAs) namely Munyamadzi in the north; Lumimba and Lupande in the East; Sandwe in the south-east and Chisomo in the south-west. The park can also be accessed by air through Mfuwe International Airport. What to see The Thornicroft Giraffe is one of the nine subspecies and is endemic to the South Luangwa National Park making it the only place you can see this type of Giraffe. South Luangwa is also known for hosting 60 different animal species and over 400 of Zambia’s 732 bird species. Bird watchers find immense satisfaction in South Luangwa. Wildlife here is untamed, wild, and free. Elephants find their way in lodge lobbies and you would not be surprised to wake up to one walking past your tent or chalet. The park is the ideal place to view Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, spotted hyena, Leopard, Hippos and zebra. Where to stay There are plenty accommodation options in the area such as lodges, tented accommodation and camping including innovative mobile accommodation such as night out bed pitched on a tree or at a lagoon.

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