Image Source: Department of National parks & Wildlifee


Lake Tanganyika is the world’s second largest lake (by volume) and the second deepest, after Russia’s Lake Baikal. It contains 17 percent of the world’s surface freshwater – almost as much water as all five of the North American Great Lakes combined. Lake Tanganyika is shared among four countries including Zambia, Tanzania, Congo DR, and Burundi. Zambia’s side of the lake consists of 7% of its water. The translucent waters host over 320 different species of fish of which 250 are cichlids and 70 species are non-cichlids. The Lake is well known for aquarium fish exports and fantastic angling opportunities. What to do: Sport fishing is very popular here and catches include the Goliath Tiger fish and Nile Perch. Crocodiles inhabit most of the shoreline, except around Mpulungu where there are high levels of human activities. Diving, swimming, boating, sailing and game drives are thrilling and abundantly available. The beachline is spectacular and a source of relaxation. Where to stay Nkamba Bay Lodge and Ndole Bay lodges are the most popular resorts

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