KAFUE NATIONAL PARK - Where the Cheetah roams!

Image Source: Kafue Camps Safaris and Nanzhilwa Plains Camp

About KAFUE NATIONAL PARK - Where the Cheetah roams!

Kafue National Park is the largest national park in Zambia, covering an area of about 22,400 kmĀ². It is the second largest park in Africa and is home to over 55 different species of animals. The park is named for the Kafue River. The Busanga plains in the North are a spectacular scenery one cant afford to ignore on a visit to Kafue National Park. The Busanga Plains attracts a variety of animals and birds all year round. Where to stay: A number of luxurious African styled accommodation facilites available in the North and South Kafue. Contact us for your trip to the Kafue National Park. We will plan it to your satisfaction. What to Do and What to see: KNP has an exceptionally large variety of fauna species distributed throughout in varying densities and in complex and diverse associations. The park probably has the greatest animal species diversity in Zambia. One hundred and fifty eight (158) species of mammals, 481 species of birds, 69 species of reptiles, 35 species of amphibians and 58 species of fishes are known to occur in the park except for giraffe and tsessebe. Elephants, Buffalos, Hippos, Red Lechwe, Impalas, Pukus and other animal species occur in large numbers in the park. The threatened Wattled Cranes also occur in this park. The two plains in the north and south are popular habitats for lions, cheetah and leopard.

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